Paige (stealthponies) wrote in floriduh,

Movin' Movin'


Lemme give an introduction.  I'm Paige, I'm a student at UNC Chapel Hill, and have lived in Greensboro, NC all my life.  My mom grew up in West Palm Beach and is taking the opportunity of her having a newly empty nest to move back to the motherland.  Particularly, Vero Beach.

So here's my question.  What is there to do in Vero?  I'll be in Vero for my summers and holidays and really don't know much about anything.  I'm a vegetarian and am into pretty much everything you could think of, so no suggestion is weird.  Even bowling.  I am all over that.

Also... does anyone know where I could get some employment?  I'd be up for working most places so long as I get paid over $7.50.

I'm feeling pretty lost about this whole move because I just found out about it a few weeks ago.  ANY information you all could give me would be so incredibly awesome.  I don't know a soul in Florida except all my relatives! :(
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