xguhx (xguhx) wrote in floriduh,

looking for someone in south florida with the ability to record.......

i have a 4 track so as to record guitar tracks, i can do that. what i need help with is recording vocals. when i get started on writing some of this stuff, i'd like to find someone i can just work with/collab on stuff with, and then get ready to just record stuff right there on the spot. acoustic stuff, please. death cab/(older) dashboard/texas is the reason or brand new-gone-acoustic style.

someone halp me out? thanks so much in advance!

x-posted sorry about that.
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If you're willing to come up to gainesville, my room mate has some pretty decent recording equipment. He's an acoustic player too. Look him up on myspace ( http://www.myspace.com/alvinmorales ) Well he did have tracks on myspace. Idk why he took them off? Anyways, if you're willing to make a trip to gainesville or wait until school is out for the summer. (He's from south florida so I bet he'll be going back for a week or two in the beginning of May)
keep in touch, let me know when he's back 'round. i mean if Gainesville is near St. Augustine, i might be able to make it... cause my sister lives in Aug. thanks so much brotha.