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Palm Beach Food Reviews


Palm Beach Food Reviews

Visit the new website for Palm Beach Food. is the place for food reviews, restaurant listings, and the blog by Gastronomical Jew!

Did you ever go out to a restaurant and have such a great experience that you couldn't wait to tell all of your friends?
We have them all the time!

We always wondered if your experiences are effected by the company that you keep and the mood that you're in that day.
If we you having a celebratory meal, lets say for a big bonus you received or a good grade at school, would that make the service better, because your energy was more exuberant?

Does food taste better when you've come off of a really bad stomache virus and you haven't eaten anything but broth or jello for a week? We would think that it does.

How about if you spent the holidays in a self induced gluttony marathon, would a gourmet buffet breakfast be fair to review?
Of course it wouldn't be fair... we couldn't eat another bite!

Their are a few rules that we impose on ourselves, as reviewers for Palm Beach Food Reviews (as well as Broward Food Reviews, and Miami Food

First, we are looking for restaurants that want to be reviewed.

We don't want to surprise you on the day that your chef has the flu. We want to be invited in. Sample your specials, check out the kitchen , and meet the staff. We want to hear your story of the "why" you decided to create this dream of serving people your food. We want the people that read our reviews to know who you are, and what you care about when they come into your restaurant. We do want them to have expectations, and we want you to meet those expectations by way of sharing your story first hand with us.

Our readers are our friends. We want to introduce you to them through our experience.
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